To go forward, we must look back.

Modern food and farming is broken.

Our nation has failed to steward the land, our animals, and our health.

Depleted soil, mistreated animals, and obesity have become "normal" in our modern life.

The good news is we can change that.

By recovering the traditions of regenerative farming and land management, we can produce food that is not only healthier for you, but that restores the soil and natural ecology.

Regenerative farming, in short, is farming and ranching in harmony with nature.

Every time you purchase a product from us, you fuel the movement and are a part of the solution.

Healthy soil, happy animals, good food.

Regenerative cows; cows on pasture

We partner with ranchers in South Dakota who raise bison and cows on abundant acreage where they can roam and forage.

Just the way nature intended.

You can't ignore results.

You can't ignore results.

The low-fat plant-based propaganda, no matter how hard it tries, cannot produce healthy, fit, happy humans.

Meat-fueled humans win. 

And no one can hide that Truth.

The path from here is simple: bring more quality meat products to the world.

10 years ago, if you were to suggest that a biltong brand could be a health brand, you'd get laughed out of the room.

Not anymore.

We believe meat is the healthiest food you can eat.

Soil. Animal health. Human health.

Ruminants do it all. They are a true gift from God.

Beef is nature. Just like fish, trees, and frogs are.

Each part of our complex ecosystem, which we call nature, is integral to sustaining life, including human life.

If the ruminants go, we go.

If the bees go, we go.

If the sun goes, everything goes.

Fortunately, there are results and economics that will ensure these tyrannical efforts fail.

No matter how hard they try or how much money they print, you can't force nature. It does what it does, and there's no stopping or preventing it.

Natural laws will always shine through, God's order will always prevail.

Supporting farmers and ranchers is one of the most important and impactful things we can do because we know how INTEGRAL these majestic animals are to our soil health, which is our health.

-Farmer Bill 🧑‍🌾

We make our biltong in small batches, and ship them extremely fresh. Biltong is one of the healthiest ways to eat meat because it's naturally cured, so it does not need preservatives. All of our meat is 100% grass-fed, and raised without antibiotics or added hormones.

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