Biltong is a healthier style of jerky containing only farm fresh ingredients, zero grams of sugar, and almost double the protein content per ounce.


The conventional jerky you see in stores is loaded with sugars, nitrates, soy, and preservatives.

Our method of crafting biltong produces a better meat snack with ingredients that come from the earth, not a laboratory.

Our premium biltong is cured and air-dried. We start with apple cider vinegar, add spices and salt, then the meat is air-dried and sliced to perfection.


The modern world has forgotten that our health and food is connected to the earth.

Regenerative farming is a term that describes the focus of farming on the ecology of the animals and their environment.

Cows and bison are ruminant animals, designed to roam, forage, and graze. The average industrial farming operation has animals confined, stressed, and fed an unnatural diet.

Ours are free to roam on abundant acreage. This not only produces healthier meat, it restores the soil on which they roam.

Sugar, Gluten, and Seed Oil Free.

The modern diet is destroying your health.

Look at the ingredient list of most jerkies, and you will be shocked to see there are seed oils, added sugars, and industrial fillers.

Biltong is a natural product. It doesn't need sweeteners, fillers, soy sauce, or seed oils.

If you are avoiding these ingredients, we know how hard it is to find quality food.

Look no further.

No Added Nitrates.

Added nitrates, while commonly used for preserving meat snacks, have shown to cause significant concern for their negative effects on our cardiovascular system.

Thankfully, our natural method of curing meat with salt and apple cider vinegar solves this problem.

Nature always provides a way.  

Keto Friendly.

Fat is fuel.

Good sources of saturated fat are essential for optimal brain function and health.

Biltong is an excellent source of saturated fat, and it will keep you in ketosis.

Biltong is keto friendly, with >1g of carbs per serving, and will give you the fuel your day needs.


Your ancestors were not wrong when it comes to their diet.

It turns out real, whole foods like the ones promoted in the Paleo diet are healthier than the processed grains, sugars, and other junk commonly accepted in the modern diet.

Sometimes you have to look backward in order to move forward. 

Packed with Protein.

Protein is the building block of life, and most people are not eating enough of it.

If you’re looking for a snack that delivers the protein your body needs and tastes amazing, you need to give biltong a try.

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Eat Better, Feel Better

0g Carbs

0g Sugar

Keto and Whole 30 Friendly 

No Added Nitrates

Soy Free

Gluten Free

Dairy Free 

Packed with Protein

100% Made in the USA