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Biltong is different.

Biltong is the wagyu of jerky.

Except it's not jerky at all.

Biltong is a cured meat snack, made with a traditional method of curing & air-drying dating to the 1600's when the Dutch Settlers made their Great Trek across South Africa.

Jerky is dry, tough, and loaded with preservatives ❌

Biltong is a naturally cured meat snack that needs no preservatives ✅

Moist, fatty, and soft.

Biltong melts in your mouth. Packed with flavor from the blend of spices, enhanced with the perfect amount of salt, and the fat your body craves 🥩

We ship fresh. REALLY fresh.

We pride ourselves on shipping extremely fresh, small, handcrafted batches.

This is a lean operation 📦

Our grass-fed beef or bison is air-dried for 7-10 days, packed, and on your front porch within 3 months of harvest 🐄